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*The following information came from public school and home school teachers who are now practicing distance learning due to COVID-19.

It’s important to remember that what brick and mortal/traditional school students and families are facing right now is not homeschooling.  Homeschooler’s lives have been turned upside down too!  What we’re all doing now, both traditional and homeschool families, is “distance learning.”  And it’s difficult!


A big hurdle for traditional school families is that not all teachers are handling this situation the same.  Some students have amazing teachers who’ve taken their classrooms online.  They’re keeping parents well informed and engaging students virtually.  Other teachers, some that struggle with technology, are at a loss for what to do.  And their students and families pay the price for that.  School districts are working towards a solution to this problem.  In the meantime, many families are left to struggle and provide some sort of “education” for their students at home.

As more and more information comes out about the duration of our self quarantined situations we've seen that most traditional SDUSD public schools will begin a soft-start on Monday, April 6th, (Year-Round April 27th) with distance online learning which will more than likely look like teachers contacting students, informing them what platforms they will be using, Canvas, ZOOM, Google Meet and Google Classroom.

BUT-- What does this look like for our parents?? 




  • DO- pray and ask God to give you eyes to show you what He is teaching your family through this season.  (Mk.6:48)

  • DO- be flexible.

  • DO- as much outdoor time as possible.

  • DO- set a schedule for students.

    • children experience success when schedules and boundaries are set in place.

  • DO- allow for “alone time” for everyone in your schedules.

  • DO- set clear goals and expectations with your students for your education time at home.

  • DO- assess what materials, technology and room/space that will be needed to get work done.

  • DO- communicate with teachers and be able to differentiate between what materials are graded and necessary and what materials are optional and/or enrichment.

  • DO- recognize when your student needs a break.

  • DO- be positive.

  • DO- know that you are capable and can prepare yourself to fill in this gap for your student.

  • DO- have grace with yourself and your students!


  • DON'T-  speak negatively about having your students home now.

  • DON'T-  think this means every student needs to sit at a table/desk for the same amount of time they would have been at school.

  • DON'T-  grumble.

  • DON'T- overthink things.

  • DON'T-  procrastinate.  (This usually creates stress.)

  • DON'T-  leave Jesus  (Family Prayer)  out of the equation.

  • DON'T-  be a slacker! (Yes a lot your fellow workers and classmates, may use this as an opportunity to fly under the radar and do the least possible, but this is an opportunity to shine for Christ!)

  • DON'T-  give up.

  • DON'T-  assume this will be over in a week.

  • DON'T-  assume this will be the norm.

  • DON'T-  go into self-preservation mode.

  • DON'T-  push others away when you feel scared or like you are failing.  You’ve got Jesus and each other.

  • DON'T-  assume that not going to work and not going to school will be less work.

  • DON'T-  tell yourself you can’t do this.


Spend time with your kiddos. In this state of our world, nation, state and city-- they'll learn more by doing things with you. Study the Word together, incorporate your work routine with their school routine. A few helpful things to practice to keep your family on the same page during this time are: 


  • Create a Family Suggestion Box.  (Think of creative ways to love each other.  Heb.10:24)

  • Find creative ways to stay connected and serve others in your neighborhood.  (Be a light.)

  • Pray and thank God for this unique season and ask God for the grace for your family to grow and be strengthened in a new way!

There are so many services that are available for families right now!  Tools and resources that can help you through this time.  A quick google search will yield a lot! An additional site that houses a ton of information that families may find tremendously useful can be accessed here.  Schedule ideas, grade level reading suggestions, virtual field trips, grade level material for every grade, words of wisdom, etc. We want you to succeed and we're here for you! 


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